Mardi 31 mai 2011

KWON began the process in SY 11-12

KWON teachers attend Kamehameha Schools. professional development days in order to learn and implement new strategies in their classrooms. KWON teachers attended an I Teach K Conference, Singapore Math Training Conference and a Differentiation Conference for which all teachers completed a collaborative project and presented statistical and anecdotal results reflecting the worth of attending the conference. All strategies and trainings are conducted within the framework of student achievement in order to close the achievement gap and increase academic achievement.

All teachers participate in Professional Learning Communities on a weekly basis. These communities work toward (1) recognizing a need (with a focus on leadership training), (2) organizing for change (with a focus on leadership and infrastructure), (3) working on the building blocks (with a focus on infrastructure, school philosophy, and vision), (4) moving as a whole school (with a focus on the standards based change process),Our Polymax RUBBER SHEET range includes all commercial and specialist (5) sharing results within a professional learning community (with the focus on assessment results), (6) implementing the curriculum (with a focus on teacher-developed curriculum guides), and (7) engaging students and families (with the focus on portfolios, student self-assessment, and goal setting). Initially, the communities. meeting topics began with an assessment (by way of surveys, focus groups, and individual interviews, along with data collection) of three components of our school: infrastructure, classroom practices, and student outcomes. According to the results of the assessment, consistent professional development workshops were created and conducted. These workshops cover topics such as standards-based education, formative assessment to inform instruction, and the employment of instructional strategies across the schoolwide curriculum, all in the context of Professional Learning Communities. These communities are created and fostered not only to affect change through a partnership among the teachers but to sustain that change through grassroots involvement. We are continuing the growing process of refining our school curriculum, benchmarks, and anchor pieces for each benchmark. The communities also determine the expectations for each grade level through specific methodologies that are scientifically-proven to be effective. Through these Professional Learning Communities, teachers who are effective/knowledgeable in different areas instruct other teachers through professional workshops. These Grade Level PLCs also function as the teacher mentoring program through consistent meetings that discuss each teacher.s strengths and needs in order to allow seasoned and beginning teachers to learn from one another. These learning communities allow teachers to receive the support they need to improve their classroom practices and give them adequate time to work together, both scientifically-proven necessities for classroom success.

KWON has an extensive Support Services System that supports underperforming students with skill specific, individually designed instruction.Choose from one of the major categories of Bedding, The support system provides current, best practice reading and math strategies in the following areas: sustaining improved reading outcomes through phonics interventions, data analysis/data driven instruction from formative and summative assessments in order to target core reading and math strands for increased test results, RTI/Tier III reading interventions, teaching creatively to increase standardized test scores, metacognitive and multi-sensory interventions, motivating reluctant learners, and the use of technology in the classroom. KWON.s closed circuit television plays professional development DVDs that contain Best New Practices and innovative teaching strategies for teacher utilization on a consistent basis. KWON also continues to build a professional development library available for the KWON staff in the Curriculum Room. This room houses texts, CD.s, and DVD.s that equip teachers with current strategies and methods that engage students in order to increase student achievement.

KWON also offers Apple Institutes for Mac Software and Internet Programs Training for instructional staff. Training is for Apple Software and Internet Programs for supplemental, differentiated, skill specific, data driven reading and math instruction in the form of project based digital storytelling which increases test scores through multi-sensory literacy and math comprehension strategies, vocabulary and language development, and repeated reading/math practice. These PD days cover best instructional strategies by instructing teachers in how to best use the programs for differentiating for each student using skill specific software and internet reading and math programs.

Partnerships and Collaboration Kamehameha Schools-Kamehameha Schools. Ho.olako Like Program as well as Kamehameha Elementary School (KES) supports KWON by financially supporting the school.s initiatives and providing the staff with opportunities for professional development (teacher trainings at the KES campus on literacy, conferences for Math and English Teachers, and workshops concerning topics such as differentiation). The Public Education Division of the Kamehameha Schools supports KWON through a longitudinal study that will track the long term effects of KWON.s educational efforts through High School and beyond. This will help KWON address academic strengths and/or weaknesses that appear later in our students. academic career.This is interesting cube puzzle and logical game. KS also donated $5000 in cultural books for our Backpack Program to begin in SY 10-11.

Hawaii Association of Independent Schools is partnering with KWON to assist in the process of accreditation with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. KWON began the process in SY 11-12.

Na Lei Na'auao Native Hawaiian Charter School Alliance-KWON is a member of the Na Lei Na.Handmade oil paintings for sale at museum quality,auao which offers support among 12 Native Hawaiian Charter Schools.

Hawaii Charter School Network-The 31 charter school network provides opportunities for KWON to learn from other charter schools throughout the islands.

University of Hawai'i at Manoa, College of Education, Center on Disability Studies-Collaborates with KWON through the financial support of four free after school reading and math tutoring programs. These four programs focus on reading and math fluency. Currently, 200 of the 572 students at KWON attend these programs on a daily basis.

Hawaii State Teachers Association-Supports the teachers of KWON through union labor representatives that keep the staff aware of changing state laws that affect teachers.

Department of Education-Provides Financial Management Services for payroll,Save on hydraulic hose and fittings, SPED services and trainings, as well as counseling referrals that require Department of Health involvement.

University of Hawaii Curriculum Research Development Group-Provides core science curriculum (DASH) PDERI (Professional Development and Educational Research Institute) provides opportunities for professional development for our staff.

Alu Like collaborates with KWON by donating hundreds of books to build our school library.

Office of Hawaiian Affairs financially supports KWON through grants that allow for our free bus service.

Department of Hawaiian Home Lands agreed to a minimal cost, 30 year lease agreement with KWON to ensure KWON.s long term support and success.

Disney granted KWON a 2500 sq. ft. playground and a 1000 sq. ft garden in the 2010-11 school year. Disney continues to support KWON through additional grants and school visits from Mickey and Minnie.

HeadStart applications are distributed during the school year for siblings of students to encourage pre-school attendance.

Queen Liliuokalani Children's Center, The Institute for Native Pacific Education and Culture (INPEACE), Parents and Children Together (PACT), and Families for R.E.A.L. (the State Student Support Services Program) are all resourced as needed.

City of Good Neighbors

Hear,Our Polymax RUBBER SHEET range includes all commercial and specialist hear! Raise a glass, can or bottle at some point this holiday weekend to the good folks who stepped forward al-most immediately with cash to fix recent vandalism damage in Delaware Park.

We're by no means recommending any particular beverage or brand of beverage.Save on hydraulic hose and fittings, But it should be noted that Labatt USA took the philanthropic lead by forking over$7,Complete Your sculpture Magazine Collection for Less!500 to-ward repairs and replacement costs. HSBC Bank, a great friend of the park, came through with a contribution of $5,000. And another$1,000 or so was donated in smaller individual gifts to the conservancy.

Nearly half of the volunteers at the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy, the entity that cares for the 350-acre park de-signed by master landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, are employed at HSBC Bank.

The vandalism included a damaged children's slide, an ornamental top ripped off the historic water fountain in the Rose Garden,Choose from one of the major categories of Bedding, and graffiti spray-painted on a stone bridge and the walls of the Marcy Casino.

It never should have happened in the first place.Customized imprinted and promotional usb flash drives. To keep it from happening again, we continue to urge anyone with information about the vandalism on the evening of May 21, when 100 or more teenagers and/or young adults were spotted storming the park, to contact Buffalo police.

But the worst of Buffalo has brought out the best of it, too.

More so than any tourism marketing motto, the outpouring of donations for a worthy cause showed how the city is the real deal when it comes to neighbors, including corporations, helping out in times of need.

Auto parts supplier moving forward with Michigan tech center

Kistler, whose world headquarters is in Switzerland, makes precision sensors, systems and instrumentation for engine, chassis and vehicle development and vehicle component manufacturing systems.

The first segment of Kistler's 20,000-square-foot tech center in Farmington Hills northwest of Detroit is almost done, officials said.

The company broke ground on the tech center last November. Construction commenced in March, after a long winter in the Detroit area

The Detroit Three and other Detroit-based customers will be the first to reap the benefits of fully dedicated on-site technical product sales, service and applications engineering expertise,From standard Cable Ties to advanced wire tires, as well as A2LA-accredited calibration services, for their automotive testing, crash test,A glass bottle is a bottle created from glass. vehicle dynamics and test laboratory requirements, said Nick Wilks, Kistler North America managing director.

The tech center in Oakland County, Mich., will support the KT North America portfolio of data-acquisition systems and software for crash tests as well as Corrsys-Datron vehicle-dynamics testing technologies, Wilks said.

“We are pleased to report continued progress in the development of the new Kistler North American Technical Center, which will allow us to offer customer support for comprehensive turnkey solutions," Wilks said “The team looks forward to the enhanced ability to serve our customers and to set a new industry standard for excellence in vehicle-testing technology."

Kistler North America has global headquarters in Winterthur, Switzerland,Full color plastic card printing and manufacturing services. and has done business from North America since 1955.

The Kistler group company is a supplier of precision sensors, systems and instrumentation for the dynamic measurement of pressure,Complete Your sculpture Magazine Collection for Less! force, torque and acceleration, as well as related electronics and software serving the auto,uy Aion Kinah direct from us at low prices aerospace, industrial, metal processing, plastic-injection molding, R&D and testing and evaluation communities, according to company literature.

Farm Camp: Would You Pay $460 to Shovel Crap?

With the end of school around the corner,Complete Your sculpture Magazine Collection for Less! the options for summer camp have gotten endlessly niche: there's rock-star camp, circus-arts camp, Hollywood-stunt camp. But in what may be a backlash to the glitz of it all, the hippest new kid on the block is the lowly farm camp, with tilling the earth now seen as a wholesome and character-building respite from video games and texting. The American Camp Association (ACA) has surveyed its members to report that 83% of day and resident camps have added gardening activities in the past five years, and 19% have launched farming and ranching programs, which include raising animals. "People think kids intuitively wouldn't be interested," says CEO Peg Smith. "But we're seeing the pendulum swing back."

Outside Seattle, Shoofly Farm is already sold out, with 600 kids signed up for 10 sessions chock-full of "care and fun with farm animals" and "preparation of their own snacks and outdoor cooking" (think hand-cranked ice cream and eggs sizzled in cast-iron pans over the fire) ¡ª in other words, what earlier generations considered work. Across the country, in Pocantico Hills, N.Y., Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture offers a similar camp that includes morning chores as a significant chunk of the program.From standard Cable Ties to advanced wire tires, (See pictures of urban farming around the world.)

At Stone Barns, kids are put to use collecting eggs, feeding pigs, filling water troughs and harvesting green beans that are incorporated into a camp dish or sold at an on-site market. They might make felt soap, using colorful wool from the farm's sheep to create an artsy washcloth that wraps around a bar of soap and shrinks along with it; or perform a skit about pollination, with campers playing the role of various and sundry bees. "We don't come up with a cute activity just because it seems like a good idea," says Judy Fink, Stone Barns' education programs director. "Everything is focused on what's happening at the farm." So in early July, campers harvest garlic; in August, they pick tomatoes. "Many of these kids don't get dirty, so getting dirty is really cool," Fink adds.Full color plastic card printing and manufacturing services.

Becoming one with the land isn't cheap: parents plunk down $460 a week at Shoofly Farm and $400 at Stone Barns ¡ª more than double some other day camps. But it's old-fashioned fun that stands in stark contrast to the virtual world; instead of playing Farmville, the popular Facebook game, they live it, grooming horses and mucking out stables and popping popcorn in coffee cans over a fire when the munchies strike. (See pictures of farming in Nebraska.A glass bottle is a bottle created from glass.)

"It's like an antidote to technology," says Jill Haase, who owns Shoofly in Sammamish, Wash., about half an hour from Seattle. "Kids are clamoring to be free. They relax. You can see their minds slow down."

Two years ago, Chris Butler packed her daughter, now 11, and ¡ª last year ¡ª her son, now 13, off to Shoofly in an attempt to pry them from their beloved Xbox. "They came home big-eyed," says Butler, from Fall City, Wash. "There's bunnies and chicks and goats, and they're muddy and making ice cream and tie-dye shirts."

Of course, no one's naive enough to think that a week swapping out chicken-coop bedding is going to turn kids away from Aion Kinah direct from us at low prices Notes Mara Flanagan, Stone Barns' marketing manager: "For the most part, we don't get cell-phone reception here, so it kind of helps."

Jeudi 26 mai 2011

Global Solar Panel Inventories Reach Record Levels

Global Solar Panel Inventories Reach Record Levels

Global solar PV panel inventory levels have reached their highest levels ever in Q2 2011 - over 10 gigawatts (GW).

IMS Research estimates that almost 8 GW of modules have been shipped by manufacturers, but have yet to be installed and connected to the grid.

Combined with cuts in feed-in law incentives in key European countries, the high inventory levels are contributing to rapidly declining prices.

In Italy, installations have slowed since the government reduced subsidies. Other European markets have experienced a slower than expected start to the year.

This has led to a sharp increase in inventory levels throughout the supply chain. Manufacturers, distributors, integrators and installers all say inventory levels have climbed during the first half of 2011.

"Throughout 2010, when all products were moving quickly through the supply chain, channel inventory typically stood at 4-5 GW; which is roughly equivalent to one quarter's production. Generally speaking, a module will take around three months to be shipped, transported and make its way through distribution channels before being installed, so this figure appears reasonable," commented PV Research Analyst for IMS, Sam Wilkinson. "Many in the industry consider today's inventory levels to be shocking.This is interesting cube puzzle and logical game. However, it represents an increase of only around 3-4 GW over ‘normal' levels."

As well as the large channel inventory of modules, supplier inventory has also grown quickly in early 2011; most suppliers report that year-to-date production far exceeds shipments.Houston-based Quicksilver Resources said Friday it had reached pipeline dealsThe same Air purifier, cover removed. The resulting increase in modules held in stock by suppliers has taken the total PV module inventory over the 10 GW mark.Handmade oil paintings for sale at museum quality,

IMS Research predicts that further declines in average PV module prices will lead to a strong recovery in the PV market,This page list rubber hose products with details & specifications. in particular led by growth in Germany and the USA. They also expect the high levels of inventory to begin correcting in Q3 2011.

the Entrepreneur Of The Year Program celebrates its 25th anniversary

-Mainstream Energy Corporation announced today that Ernst & Young LLP has named Mainstream CEO a finalist in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 Award in the Greater Los Angeles region. Ernst & Young's awards program recognizes entrepreneurs who demonstrate excellence and extraordinary success in such areas as innovation, financial performance and personal commitment to their businesses and communities. Mr. Angiolo Laviziano was selected as a finalist from hundreds of nominations by a panel of independent judges. Award winners will be announced at a special gala event on June 21 at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills.

"This recognition comes after a year of record growth for Mainstream Energy and its two subsidiaries, REC Solar and AEE Solar. This honor belongs to all of our employees, as it has been they who achieved our exceptional growth with their hard work and dedication," said Mr.Houston-based Quicksilver Resources said Friday it had reached pipeline deals Laviziano. "Throughout the past year we've made major strides in furthering the adoption of solar nationwide with no signs of slowing down. We look forward to continuing our momentum in the U.Handmade oil paintings for sale at museum quality,S.,Not to be confused with RUBBER MATS available at your local hardware store bringing solar into the mainstream."

Mainstream Energy currently operates with two brands, REC Solar and AEE Solar, to serve downstream solar markets. In the last year alone, the company sold more than 60 MW of commercial and residential photovoltaic systems either directly or indirectly, more than double the amount the previous year. Mainstream currently employs more than 600 solar professionals in 11 states, granting it a local presence in all major U.S. solar markets.This page list rubber hose products with details & specifications.

This year, the Entrepreneur Of The Year Program celebrates its 25th anniversary. The program has expanded to recognize business leaders in more than 140 cities and more than 50 countries throughout the world. Awards are given to entrepreneurs who demonstrate excellence and extraordinary success in such areas as innovation, financial performance and personal commitment to their businesses and communities.

About Mainstream Energy

Mainstream Energy currently operates two wholly owned subsidiaries, REC Solar and AEE Solar, both respected leaders in the solar industry. The companies serve nearly all "downstream" solar markets including residential, business, government, project developers and distributors by leveraging tools, systems and expertise from the parent company to drive growth and excellence in quality, service and cost. REC Solar Inc., is an industry leading solar power provider specializing in grid-tied residential and commercial installations. With a local presence in all major solar markets in the USA and millions of watts installed, REC Solar is committed to lowering the cost of solar power through efficient processes, innovative products and outstanding customer service. REC Solar has more than a dozen offices in six states (California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Arizona and New Jersey) and is actively installing in a dozen states. AEE Solar is one of America's oldest, largest and most respected wholesale distributors of renewable energy systems and equipment. The company serves customers nationwide with warehouses and sales offices in California, Utah,This is interesting cube puzzle and logical game. Florida, the Pacific Northwest and the Northeast.

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