Jeudi 26 mai 2011

The real star of the show

In the hands of a lesser director,We also offer customized zentai suits. a movie about a 4,000-mile walk might seem as arduous as the task the characters undertake within the film.

But Australian auteur Peter Weir has a knack for delivering epic stories with a personal stroke, and so THE WAY BACK (PG-13, 3 stars) develops into a compelling film revolving around a rather static event.

Now, before you go in expecting whiz-bang action, let me assure you that this is not the case. This is a slow-burner – sometimes too slow – that you'll enjoy if you can appreciate the emotional elements of the story and Weir's sweeping direction, which gets a vivid showcase in the Blu-ray presentation.Handmade oil paintings for sale at museum quality,

Also, if you're looking for veracity, there remains some question about whether this story is actually true, which means you should come in from the approach of "fictional story with some true-life elements" in order not to be disappointed.

Jim Sturgess stars as Janusz, a Polish prisoner in a Russian gulag during World War II. There he meets an eclectic cast of characters, including Russian actor Khabarov (Mark Strong); American prisoner Mr. Smith (Ed Harris) and tough guy Valka (Colin Farrell). Khabarov has a plan to escape that the rest of the inmates have pooh-poohed, but one night Janusz decides to implement the plan, and before long, a host of prisoners have hit the road.

Their plan consists of walking – lots and lots of walking.Houston-based Quicksilver Resources said Friday it had reached pipeline deals They run across a young girl (Saoirse Ronan) who convinces them to let her join the party. The journey carries them through Siberia, into Mongolia and eventually India. Some will perish,This is interesting cube puzzle and logical game. others will find their limits reached. It's a remarkable story, one that unfortunately has been proven false over the years.

Still, it shouldn't prevent you from appreciating some fine acting work done by Sturgess,Not to be confused with RUBBER MATS available at your local hardware store Farrell and Harris – actors who live to sink their teeth into meaty, hardscrabble roles like these.

The real star of the show, however, is Weir's direction, which alternates between stunning wide shots that serve to establish the sheer magnitude of the journey and treacherous nature of making it on foot, and up-close-and-personal shots of the toll this freedom march has taken on the individuals involved.

The film looks and sounds great – it's heartening to see that even though the movie came and went at cinemas, there was no expense spared to deliver a transfer worthy of Weir's talents and your home theater system's capabilities.

"The Way Back" may not be for everyone, but if you a patient moviegoer with an eye for visuals, this will do the job.

SunSi Launches Investor Relations Campaign

SunSi Energies, Inc. ("SunSi") (OTCQB:SSIE) announced today it is launching an investor relations campaign to increase investor awareness and understanding of SunSi operations. Through its operations in mainland China, SunSi manufactures tricholorsilane (TCS), a critical intermediate compound used to produce extremely pure polysilicon.Not to be confused with RUBBER MATS available at your local hardware store TCS is a critical component of computer chips and solar photovoltaic ("PV") cells and is an essential raw material used in the manufacturing of approximately 75% of all solar panels worldwide.

David Natan, Sunsi's Chief Executive Officer, stated, "We are strongly positioned to become a major supplier of TCS to the solar industry and believe we can generate significant profitability from current operations through the expansion of our Wendeng facility in Shandong Province.Handmade oil paintings for sale at museum quality, Once investors become aware of our competitive position, the size of TCS' potential market, the Company's prospects for future growth, and our current product sales to two clients each with over a billion dollars in annual revenue, we believe this knowledge will translate to increased trading volume and an increase in the price of our stock."

Richard St-Julien, President of SunSi Energies Hong Kong Limited, stated, "Our campaign will be launched on a number of fronts including investor outreach programs, increased website visibility, and through greater exposure to the national media. We believe our stock price is undervalued. On May 8th, Goldman Small Cap Research initiated coverage on SunSi with a $6.00 price target."

About SunSi Energies Inc.

SunSi's focus is to acquire and develop a portfolio of high quality TCS producing facilities that are strategically located and possess a potential for future growth and expansion. SunSi now controls approximately 47,We also offer customized zentai suits.000 metric tons of TCS production, which is believed to be the largest TCS-only company in China.

Relatively unknown, but essential to the solar industry, TCS is a chemical primarily used in the production of polysilicon, which is an essential raw material in the production of solar cells for PV panels that convert sunlight to electricity. TCS is considered to be the first product in the solar PV value chain before polysilicon, and is also the principal source of ultrapure silicon in the semiconductor industry.We specialize in providing third party merchant account. SunSi believes it will become the first and only "pure play" public company in the world focusing exclusively on the production and sales of TCS.Houston-based Quicksilver Resources said Friday it had reached pipeline deals

Interview: Aion Changes The Game At NCSoft

As NCsoft launches its Empyrean Calling 2.5 update to Aion today, Gamasutra talks with the MMORPG's team about the game's evolution in the past two years and localizing features for different regions.

When Aion launched in North America in September 2009, many praised the subscription-based online title for its polish and visual design, but other criticized it for requiring players to grind for hours before reaching more entertaining portions of the game.

Aion has made an effort to ease the grind and expand its offerings through regular updates, like today's 2.5 patch that adds a mentor system for low-level characters, two new instances, character customization and pet system enhancements, new skills, and more.

NCsoft is also introducing a 10-day free trial option to Aion tomorrow, allowing new players to play the game with a 20-level cap.We specialize in providing third party merchant account. The MMORPG will begin hosting various in-game events designed to provide players "with a true taste of the game", too.

Gamasutra sat down with associate producer Adam Christensen, GameGuide lead Scott Hannus, and GameGuide content writer Sean Orlikowski to discuss how Aion has changed since its launch, and managing the different play styles of Korean and American users.

Aion was a game where the push was to make sure the content was developed in concert and localized in concert so the feedback was going bi-directionally with the Korean team. How have those efforts panned out?

Adam Christensen: It's kind of a living breathing thing that we slowly have to nurture, but the relationship with the devs over in Korea, I would definitely say is getting better for sure. We're making steps in the right direction with each significant update. With developing the overseas build is a process of communication that's constantly going back and forth between us and NCsoft West and NCsoft Seoul. And we're in contact with them on a daily basis.

From the NC West perspective, how have you felt about the uptake of the game and the audience response in the U.S. market?

AC: We're definitely excited about it. We want to try and provide the best experience that we can for the North American players. That's something that we're always having to re-examine because there's a huge significant different between the play styles of the players in South Korea and the players here, so we're constantly having to examine that via the community and the feedback we get directly from the players, whether it be on the forums or submitted tickets from customer service.

We're always trying to re-examine how we can make it a better experience for the North American players. So, when we get feedback from the players, we try to wind it around and spin it into a way that we can directly make an increase to the quality of life within the game.

I've gotten the impression that there is definitely a cultural difference in how players in different markets play games, not just Korea and North America but also even in Europe and Japan and other places. Trying to satisfy those different styles seems tricky.

AC: Yeah. Totally tricky. I mean, if you want to look at something in particular, look at like fortress sieges that we have within Aion. We have opportunities to gather everyone together and take over a fortress. In Korea, if one faction has owned the fortress for too long, there's even some instances where they'll actually give it up just to keep the game fresh and new for everyone. So, if they've had it for long enough, they basically just turn it over to the other faction

I don't think the North American players would. You know, you'd be hard-pressed to find a time where the North American players would just give it out just because the game's health was dependent on it, you know what I mean? So, to keep the gameplay fresh and everything like that, we're always trying to come up with better ideas on how we can better maintain that quality of life.

Would you say that's due to the specific audience you've attracted? Or is that more just a cultural North American thing?

AC: I think it would probably be a mixture of both. When you talk about fortress sieges, of course you're going to be referring to one specific audience within the Aion world, and that would be people who are really into PvP. And so that audience is, you know, pretty hardcore.

They care a lot about faction balance and everything like that. They're going to do their best to maintain fortress ownership and maintain faction supremacy and everything like that. But I think there's definitely a little bit of both in there. There are cultural differences and style of play differences.

The Korean seems to have a more general casual PvP than we do, where a casual audience would approach PvP more openly.

AC: Oh yeah. That definitely plays a part in it, too. There are so many different styles of play out there, so it's hard to pinpoint one contributing factor. One thing we're always trying to do is work with community, as well.

Like I mentioned earlier, the direct player feedback that we get and how we can spin that into improvements in the game, we try to maintain the interest of both the PvPers and the PvPEers, and just the plain PvEers.Not to be confused with RUBBER MATS available at your local hardware store There's all those different audiences that we always have to maintain balance with game content and everything like that.

The community has actually been able to come up with some events that are trying to appeal to those people. We run an event called "For War And Glory," which is the rifting event where we actually open up the capability of rifting. Rifting is basically teleporting to the opposite faction's territory,We also offer customized zentai suits. so you can go in and straight-up PvP.

That's something they actually put the kibosh on in Korea, and we have buffs in place so that rifting was significantly weakened. So, during these rifting events, we actually take away those buffs. This is an opportunity that we want to give the players who want to PvP to be able to go in and be able to do that.

Scott Hannus: I think it's also worth mentioning that one of the reasons we did it is we sent out these surveys to players, and it turned out that 70 percent of the population in the Western territory like casual PvP or hardcore PvP from time to time. So, by seeing that data, we said, "Hey, we need to put this back in."

AC: And right now we're running these events on kind of a week-on, week-off basis so we can try to appeal to both.

You know, one thing I've heard spoken about is the difference between the audience you want and the audience you have.

AC: Right.

Which audience do you operate the game for?

AC: All I can really say about that, like I've been mentioning, that's one of the reasons why we're constantly trying to get feedback, to take a proper gauge of what the audience is that we have.

There's almost this vocal minority. The people that speak on our forums are not always going to be the majority of players. It's going to be the most vocal. So, we want to try and find every way we can to really be in touch with the pulse of the players and really find out what they need and what they want for an enjoyable game experience.

SH: That's something both the game guide and the community work on together. We play Aion. We see the changes in the game.Houston-based Quicksilver Resources said Friday it had reached pipeline deals Sean, he's played Aion since...

Sean Orlikowski: Beta.

SH: ...the dawn of time.Handmade oil paintings for sale at museum quality, I mean, we all have an idea of, you know, what players want, what they expect in the game.

SO: Mostly because it's what we want to do. So, we're our own advocates in a lot of cases.

Having played Aion since the dawn of time, has the shape it's been taking been satisfying?

SO: Yeah. One thing I mentioned in earlier interviews is I just leveled another character recently. I had two characters previously that I had leveled early on, and I just went through and leveled another one. It's literally night and day how much easier it is to level, how much more experience you get for the quests you're doing, how much content there is to help you along toward the next level.

So, it's an unfortunate stigma that's stuck with this game since the beginning when some of that content wasn't there. We've really been trying to communicate that Aion is a very different game than what it was even a year ago with all these player-driven content updates that we've come up with for feedback.

Well, it's really hard to convince people to either come back. I mean, I don't know how hard it is to convince people to hop on a train that's still in motion, but it's definitely hard to get people to come back to it.

SH: Yeah. We have been very successful with our re-activation events, re-activating accounts. Every time our population has seen a significant bump from doing those. I think we are reaching out to that audience. We're hoping to do that with 2.5 as well.

AC: And like you said about getting new people to come in, we actually have a free trial system that we're going to be implementing as well. It's something we haven't really done before. It's a ten-day pretty much unrestricted free trial. You can get as far as you can. The only restrictions are some safeguards.

That's interesting. I mean, at this point, there are a lot of mature games in the market. There are a lot of games with large audiences, so pulling people has got to be harder than it's ever been, I think. And there's a lot of free games, and whether or not the free games are any good, they're still free. And some of them are. At this point, some of them are good also.

AC: Yeah.

Some of them are quite good. Some are a lot better than they were two years ago.

SH: Yeah. For sure.

It's interesting to see the evolution of a game and seeing people keep a game going, and seeing a game take new shapes because ultimately very often we only end up, you know, hearing about games when they launch.

Lundi 23 mai 2011

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Review by Taylor

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Review by Taylor We have now had several tablets in the house here at PhoneDog and the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer is one of the cheapest and most well-rounded of them all. Still in an unproven market, the tablet world has yet to see a serious competitor under the $500 mark until the Transformer. It is available in two different versions: the 16GB model for $400 or 32GB for $500. Although it comes with a smaller price tag than what we're used to seeing, the Transformer is no joke. It is a WiFi-only tablet that comes equipped with a 1GHz Tegra 2 dual-core processor, 10.1-inch LED displaA glass bottle is a bottle created from glass.y, 16 or 32GB or memory, and an optional keyboard dock ($150) that sets this bad boy's battery life off the charts. Is the Transformer enough for people to being taking Android seriously in the tablet market? Is this form factor something we can expect to see more of? Design & Features Autobots, roll out! (Sorry, I couldn't resist.Customized imprinted and promotional usb flash drives.) When I ordered the Transformer, I honestly expected a poor to low quality product. I had skimmed some other reviews just to see some initial thoughts on build quality and if the device was even worth buying. When it came in the mail,In addition to hydraulics fittings and zentai, I ripped open the box to a device with surprisingly high build quality. Surprisingly, the Transformer is made of high quality materials, has awesome specifications, and can easily hang with its more expensive counterparts. The Transformer is big. At 10.7-inches wide by 6.7-inches tall, it is both wider and taller than the Motorola XOOM and it looks plain silly in portrait mode.The Leading Wholesale pet supplies Distributor to Independent Pet Retailers. The face of the device is fitted with a 10.1 LED (1280 by 800 pixel resolution) display that is covered by Gorilla Glass, a 1.3-megapixel resolution camera for video chatting, and a light sensor. Along the bronze metal band around the edge of the device, you will find a 3.5mm headphone jack, a mini HDMI out port, a speaker, and a (working) microSD card slot on the right. The bottom edge holds the proprietary ASUS charging port and two holes that are used to securely latch onto the keyboard dock. On the left edge of the device are the volume rocker,Our Polymax RUBBER SHEET range includes all commercial and specialist power button, and another speaker. Alone on the back of the device is the 5-megapixel shooter. The back is also made of a brown texturized plastic that allows for good grip and a solid feel.

2011 Rip Curl GromSearch Presented by H2O Overdrive Open for Registration

Now in its 12th year, the prestigious Rip Curl GromSearch continues to raise the bar to a level unmatched by other youth surf contest series. With H2O Overdrive as the presenQuality air impact socket tools for any tough job.ting sponsor and Dragon Alliance, Kicker Audio, Power Balance,We are professional Plastic mould, Future Fins, and Wahoo's Fish Taco's on board, 2011 is materializing with brilliance. This year's series bleed classic battles and new rivalries as the best 16 and under groms from around the nation showcase their talent on the elite Rip Curl GromSearch platform.

The four-stop series kicks off in Huntington Beach, CA June 11th and 12th; heads across the Pacific to Hawaii July 9th; then jumps back to the Atlantic for the August 13th New Smyrna, FL event; and wraps up the right coast to the Outerbanks of North Carolina on August 20th for the final regional leg.what are the symptoms of Piles, The 2011 Rip Curl GromSearch National Final will be held during the Rip Curl Pro Search Somewhere in San Francisco in November.

Rip Curl GromSearch registration is open at and space is already filling up fast. With the Huntington Beach event less than a month away, top performing RCGS vets are already locked in like Kalani David, Taylor Clark, Parker Coffin, Jake Marshall and last year's 16/under regional Champ, Colin Moran.An Insulator, also called a dielectric,

The prize money, winnings,How is TMJ pain treated? and sponsor swag are more colossal than ever, and H2O Overdrive is back with hard cash for the Maneuver of the Event winner. Space is limited so sign up early.

Maxwell: Tactics for great looking ceramic tile

Ceramic tiles offer one of the toughest floor and bathroom surfaces going,Polycore honeycomb panels are manufactured as a single sheet, but traditional tile installations can suffer from one major weakness when used in wet areas. Grout is the masonry-based filler that's worked into the spaces between tiles, and grout can be responsible for deterioration of tile installations in two ways. Understand how and why this happens and you'll also appreciate the two things you can do to help tiles retain their good looks at your house.

The main issue is that grout is porous. Despite its physical strengths, grout absorbs liquids and let's them pass right through. Although your bathroom walls or laundry room floor may be covered with tiles that are completely impervious to water and grime, what good is this when water sneaks through the grout?

Tactic 1: Create a waterproof installation

Liquid grout sealing compounds have been available for years, but most are like those water repellents that people put on winter shoes. They work for a while, but need regular reapplication. As useful and necessary as a good grout sealer is, you can't always rely on it exclusively to keep water from seeping through grout and underneath tiles,We are professional Plastic mould, causing leaks and delamination. To guard against this trouble you need a waterproof membrane worked right into the tile installation at the earliest stages.

This same waterproofing action happens when Kerdi is installed underneath tiles as they go down. It's especially useful behind tub enclosures and running several inches up walls around the perimeter of a room. Kerdi is so effective that floors in laundry rooms and entranceways can even be fitted with drains to allow regular washing down of the floor, not just mopping.

Tactic 2: Deal with bad grout

Most tile installations don't have Kerdi keeping water out, and even they did, grout can still get saturated and mouldy, even if water doesn't penetrate further. The mould hazard is especially potent in showers and tub surrounds, where soap and shampoo residue feed microbe growth. Even in dry locations, the porous nature of grout means that it picks up dirt, making the entire installation look dingy. Cleaning and sealing is the answer.

GroutShield has been around since 1994 and it's handled in Canada by a Canadian supplier with customer support on our side of the border. In my own testing of the product on dirty grout in a tiled bathroom, I found it worked quickly and easily. The basic kit ($56 including shipping) comes with a plastic-bristled brush for scrubbing, with enough cleaning liquid and grout sealer to deal with 250-square-feet of tiled area. Apply cleaner to dirty grout lines, scrub it, wipe it, then let it dry.

In my case the look of my sandy-coloured grout was greatly improved by cleaning alone, but further difference happened with the colour-matched grout sealer. It looks like thick hand creme, and you apply it directly to the grout line with a squeeze bottle. Don't worry about getting a little on the tiles. Virtually all tiles are impervious enough to resist absorbing the coloured sealer. Just squirt some along the grout lines on a few square feet of tile, rub it in with your finger, then wipe it off with the chamois provided in the kit. Despite the very enthusiastic sales videos you'll see for GroutShield online,An Insulator, also called a dielectric, using the product still requires work and patience. As long as you understand that much,For all DVS Ventilation system in PDF format. you'll be fine.

It's amazing how a little bit of home improvement diligence pays off in better, more economical and more reliable results.All Coated Abrasives products are compiled of backing, And when it comes to ceramic tiles, a good installation and the right maintenance program makes a world of difference.

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