KWON began the process in SY 11-12

KWON teachers attend Kamehameha Schools. professional development days in order to learn and implement new strategies in their classrooms. KWON teachers attended an I Teach K Conference, Singapore Math Training Conference and a Differentiation Conference for which all teachers completed a collaborative project and presented statistical and anecdotal results reflecting the worth of attending the conference. All strategies and trainings are conducted within the framework of student achievement in order to close the achievement gap and increase academic achievement.

All teachers participate in Professional Learning Communities on a weekly basis. These communities work toward (1) recognizing a need (with a focus on leadership training), (2) organizing for change (with a focus on leadership and infrastructure), (3) working on the building blocks (with a focus on infrastructure, school philosophy, and vision), (4) moving as a whole school (with a focus on the standards based change process),Our Polymax RUBBER SHEET range includes all commercial and specialist (5) sharing results within a professional learning community (with the focus on assessment results), (6) implementing the curriculum (with a focus on teacher-developed curriculum guides), and (7) engaging students and families (with the focus on portfolios, student self-assessment, and goal setting). Initially, the communities. meeting topics began with an assessment (by way of surveys, focus groups, and individual interviews, along with data collection) of three components of our school: infrastructure, classroom practices, and student outcomes. According to the results of the assessment, consistent professional development workshops were created and conducted. These workshops cover topics such as standards-based education, formative assessment to inform instruction, and the employment of instructional strategies across the schoolwide curriculum, all in the context of Professional Learning Communities. These communities are created and fostered not only to affect change through a partnership among the teachers but to sustain that change through grassroots involvement. We are continuing the growing process of refining our school curriculum, benchmarks, and anchor pieces for each benchmark. The communities also determine the expectations for each grade level through specific methodologies that are scientifically-proven to be effective. Through these Professional Learning Communities, teachers who are effective/knowledgeable in different areas instruct other teachers through professional workshops. These Grade Level PLCs also function as the teacher mentoring program through consistent meetings that discuss each teacher.s strengths and needs in order to allow seasoned and beginning teachers to learn from one another. These learning communities allow teachers to receive the support they need to improve their classroom practices and give them adequate time to work together, both scientifically-proven necessities for classroom success.

KWON has an extensive Support Services System that supports underperforming students with skill specific, individually designed instruction.Choose from one of the major categories of Bedding, The support system provides current, best practice reading and math strategies in the following areas: sustaining improved reading outcomes through phonics interventions, data analysis/data driven instruction from formative and summative assessments in order to target core reading and math strands for increased test results, RTI/Tier III reading interventions, teaching creatively to increase standardized test scores, metacognitive and multi-sensory interventions, motivating reluctant learners, and the use of technology in the classroom. KWON.s closed circuit television plays professional development DVDs that contain Best New Practices and innovative teaching strategies for teacher utilization on a consistent basis. KWON also continues to build a professional development library available for the KWON staff in the Curriculum Room. This room houses texts, CD.s, and DVD.s that equip teachers with current strategies and methods that engage students in order to increase student achievement.

KWON also offers Apple Institutes for Mac Software and Internet Programs Training for instructional staff. Training is for Apple Software and Internet Programs for supplemental, differentiated, skill specific, data driven reading and math instruction in the form of project based digital storytelling which increases test scores through multi-sensory literacy and math comprehension strategies, vocabulary and language development, and repeated reading/math practice. These PD days cover best instructional strategies by instructing teachers in how to best use the programs for differentiating for each student using skill specific software and internet reading and math programs.

Partnerships and Collaboration Kamehameha Schools-Kamehameha Schools. Ho.olako Like Program as well as Kamehameha Elementary School (KES) supports KWON by financially supporting the school.s initiatives and providing the staff with opportunities for professional development (teacher trainings at the KES campus on literacy, conferences for Math and English Teachers, and workshops concerning topics such as differentiation). The Public Education Division of the Kamehameha Schools supports KWON through a longitudinal study that will track the long term effects of KWON.s educational efforts through High School and beyond. This will help KWON address academic strengths and/or weaknesses that appear later in our students. academic career.This is interesting cube puzzle and logical game. KS also donated $5000 in cultural books for our Backpack Program to begin in SY 10-11.

Hawaii Association of Independent Schools is partnering with KWON to assist in the process of accreditation with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. KWON began the process in SY 11-12.

Na Lei Na'auao Native Hawaiian Charter School Alliance-KWON is a member of the Na Lei Na.Handmade oil paintings for sale at museum quality,auao which offers support among 12 Native Hawaiian Charter Schools.

Hawaii Charter School Network-The 31 charter school network provides opportunities for KWON to learn from other charter schools throughout the islands.

University of Hawai'i at Manoa, College of Education, Center on Disability Studies-Collaborates with KWON through the financial support of four free after school reading and math tutoring programs. These four programs focus on reading and math fluency. Currently, 200 of the 572 students at KWON attend these programs on a daily basis.

Hawaii State Teachers Association-Supports the teachers of KWON through union labor representatives that keep the staff aware of changing state laws that affect teachers.

Department of Education-Provides Financial Management Services for payroll,Save on hydraulic hose and fittings, SPED services and trainings, as well as counseling referrals that require Department of Health involvement.

University of Hawaii Curriculum Research Development Group-Provides core science curriculum (DASH) PDERI (Professional Development and Educational Research Institute) provides opportunities for professional development for our staff.

Alu Like collaborates with KWON by donating hundreds of books to build our school library.

Office of Hawaiian Affairs financially supports KWON through grants that allow for our free bus service.

Department of Hawaiian Home Lands agreed to a minimal cost, 30 year lease agreement with KWON to ensure KWON.s long term support and success.

Disney granted KWON a 2500 sq. ft. playground and a 1000 sq. ft garden in the 2010-11 school year. Disney continues to support KWON through additional grants and school visits from Mickey and Minnie.

HeadStart applications are distributed during the school year for siblings of students to encourage pre-school attendance.

Queen Liliuokalani Children's Center, The Institute for Native Pacific Education and Culture (INPEACE), Parents and Children Together (PACT), and Families for R.E.A.L. (the State Student Support Services Program) are all resourced as needed.

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