Jeudi 05 mai 2011

To solve the entrapment problems that reduce solar cell efficiency

Well it's official…. Nanotechnology is the future of energy.What are the top Hemroids treatments? Week after week it seems like new discoveries in nanotechnology are leading to advanced energy generation breakthroughs,Has anyone done any research on making Plastic molding parts from scratch? some of which even seem to challenge traditionally held laws of physics as in last week's story on the nanotube heat wave effect.

This week's nano-breakthrough comes from Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the form of solar panel "nanocones"—microscopic n-type semiconductor cones made of zinc oxide surrounded by a p-type polycrystalline cadmium telluride semiconductor.What to consider before you buy oil painting supplies. Yes, that all sounds very technical, but what it all boils down to is a 3.2 percent light-to-electricity efficiency compared to 1.8 percent in conventional flat solar cells made from the same materials. That's roughly an 80 percent improvement in efficiency, and may be the answer to making solar power far more affordable.

"To solve the entrapment problems that reduce solar cell efficiency, we created a nanocone-based solar cell, invented methods to synthesize these cells and demonstrated improved charge collection efficiency," said Jun Xu, a member of Oak Ridge Natural Laboratory's Chemical Sciences Division. "We designed the three-dimensional structure to provide an intrinsic electric field distribution that promotes efficient charge transport and high efficiency in converting energy from sunlight into electricity."

"The important concept behind our invention is that the nanocone shape generates a high electric field in the vicinity of the tip junction, effectively separating, injecting and collecting minority carriers, resulting in a higher efficiency than that of a conventional planar cell made with the same materials," Xu said.

It's interesting to note that the focusing effect noticed at the tips of these nanocones may be linked to what fringe researchers have been claiming for years… that cones (along with pyramids) exhibit unique and misunderstood properties insofar as their ability to channel energy. Considering that nanotechnology has already opened many scientists' minds to the possibilities of subtler energies present and perhaps exploitable at the quantum level— will need to get an offshore merchant account.e.Houston-based Quicksilver Resources said Friday it had reached pipeline deals, zero-point or vacuum energy—nanocones may be just another small stepping stone toward a better understanding of these future energy sources. It would come as no surprise at all if research into nanocones reveals even greater potential (and mysteries) than simply higher efficiency in light-to-electricity conversion for solar panels.

Mardi 03 mai 2011

Cuts will deprive South Tyneside of colour

GRASS cutting and floral displays must be slashed as South Tyneside's ground maintenance programme moves from "a Rolls Royce to a Ford Focus" standard of service, senior councillors have agreed.

The borough could be a less colourful place after it was agreed to slice 500,the Injection mold fast!000 from the budget to maintain our green areas.

Cash-strapped South Tyneside Council ¨C facing 35m worth of cuts over the next year ¨C is to introduce a series of efficiency measures aimed at "getting more for less".

Proposals include reducing the frequency of grass cutting, decreasing the height and depth of shrub borders and hedges ¨C while reviewing "high maintenance tasks" such as spring bedding and the display of hanging baskets.

Also earmarked in the value for money savings are borough bowling greens ¨C which will be subject to reduced maintenance.what are the symptoms of Piles,

Council bosses have had to identify across-the-board savings, with cuts to everything from school road safety patrols to luncheon clubs for the elderly.

About 600 council posts across all departments are being axed, although it is hoped the job losses will be achieved through voluntary redundancies.

Last month, the Gazette revealed how the council had put plastic flowers in hanging baskets outside South Shields Town Hall as part of a money-saving trial ¨C but the experiment received a withering response from many of our readers.

Members of the council's decision-making cabinet agreed the latest cost-saving measures when they met last week.We processes for both low-risk and high risk merchant account.

In a report to the committee, Coun Jim Perry, the council's lead member for environment and transport,buy landscape oil paintings online. called for a more "truthful and realistic" approach to the standard of service the public can expect. He said: "Because of the budget situation we find ourselves in, members were given a car analogy that agreed we need to stop thinking of a Rolls Royce service, but more of a Ford Focus one that is reliable and well maintained.

"We need to look at simpler, neater and more low maintenance environments, such as areas that presently have high maintenance features simply being grassed over.

"In many areas we could simply reduce the frequency of cutting grass.Largest Collection of billabong boardshorts,

"Another example is the creation of wildflower meadows, which are environmentally better and cheaper.

"Local farmers might wild cut for the council.

"High maintenance and less sustainable tasks need to be looked at closely with a view to removing these, such as planting of spring bedding and hanging baskets and the intensive maintenance of bowling greens with low usage."

A Semiconductor Stock Goes Solar

The timing of our change in view is primarily due to the comfort we have that the company's new product line is coming together in a way that should result in a product by year-end 2011.

We also recommend the stock for a solar segment pairs trade. We are recommending that investors looking for a pairs trade within the solar segment take proceeds from higher valued solar stocks and buy MEMC shares.what are the symptoms of Piles,

We believe that as investors begin to look at this sector as one that is going to get consolidated,Largest Collection of billabong boardshorts, MEMC will become a prime candidate.

The company has a solid balance sheet and profitability. We project that MEMC will end 2011 with $1 per share in net cash. The company is solidly profitable and looks to earn approximately $1 in generally accepted accounting principle (GAAP) earnings-per-share in 2012.

There is choppy weather ahead, but the company's valuation more than makes up for it.We processes for both low-risk and high risk merchant account. At the current price of $11, take away $1 for cash per share and the stock is selling for 10 times next year's earnings.

Near-term revenue and earnings may be sloppy but for 10 times earnings one is buying a 20% grower with a very good new product offering in the pipeline. We believe it is one of the best values in the solar sector.

The company's new solar wafer project is coming soon! We are increasingly confident that MEMC's strategy of producing a new, super-efficient cost-effective wafer is going to show promise in what we think of as a commodity market.

We believe that the recent merger activity in the sector is a testimony to the inherent value of a solar maker who has a differentiated product.

Up until now,buy landscape oil paintings online.the Injection mold fast! SunPower (SPWRA) (rated at Sell) has held the record for solar cell efficiency. We believe MEMC could challenge it.

We are raising our target to $16 and raising our rating to Buy from Hold. We are increasingly confident in the value the company is building and we believe investors will be rewarded for getting in front of these new developments.

Our $16 target is based on a discounted cash flow.

Green Mountain Energy sets up solar leasing program

Green Mountain Energy Company in Texas is betting that people are interested enough in solar to pay more for it than for traditional grid power.

The company launched a solar leasing program this week that will allow people to buy into a 20-year lease of solar panels for their residential roofs. The goal is to provide a lower-cost option, with no upfront investment to people who are keen on getting green power.

There's just one catch. The solar lease will cost more than grid power.

The Dallas Morning News reported that an average-size 4-kilowatt array will cost a customer $100 a month and will produce about 450 kilowatt hours of electricity. At current rates,what are the symptoms of Piles, that power would cost the customer $45 to $50, according to the newspaper.

So are people really willing to pay double for clean energy?

Jason Sears, senior manager of product strategy and marketing for Green Mountain Energy,buy landscape oil paintings online. said people are.

"The folks that are interested in solar aren't just interested in saving money," Sears said. "They're interested because they think solar is the right thing to do, and they want to do the right thing."

Sears said the company has several customers who installed panels on their homes despite a lack of incentives, and they had to pay all the upfront ownership costs.

He said the company has been looking for a way to add a solar panel lease option for quite some time because customers had been asking for it.

"The interest has been great so far,the Injection mold fast!" Sears said. "We've had a lot of calls and email from people who want more information and are interested in doing it."

The program can be tailor-made to suite each individual homeowner in that they can pay an even amount throughout the lease or arrange to have it start low and gradually increase,We processes for both low-risk and high risk merchant account. Sears said.

Also, in the event a homeowner leases an array that produces more power than the owner uses, Green Mountain Energy buys it back at the same rate customers pay for power as part of the utility's Renewables Rewards program.

"We have one of the most generous rewards programs out there," Sears said.

While the lease program is double the regular price now, Sears said he believes there is enough momentum behind solar to drive people to the leases.

"We're really excited about the lease program," he said.Largest Collection of billabong boardshorts, "We really believe it's the most accessible and affordable way for more people to go solar."

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