Oops! You weren't supposed to hear that

So everybody wants me to comment on the Southwest pilot who accidentally broadcast an offensive tirade over an open air traffic control frequency. He thought he was talking only to his first officer. In fact, he was speaking to numerous other pilots and controllers. The rant went on for several toe-curling seconds in the skies over Texas, in which the unaware captain, whose name has not been released, treated everyone on frequency to an outburst laced with profanity and derogatory comments aimed primarily at flight attendants -- specifically those who are gay or not otherwise in keeping with his standards of physical beauty.

The incident took place back in March,dstti but wasn't made public until last week by Houston television station KPRC. In the interim, the pilot had been suspended without pay and forced to undergo so-called sensitivity training before being allowed back to work.

The Southwest Airlines flight attendants' union may file a discrimination suit against Southwest.

I really don't know what to say. The incident is highly embarrassing to pilots. The best I can tell you is, no, this is not the typical sort of conversation that takes place in a cockpit during cruise. Over the years I have heard my share of wisecracks,Free DIY solar Resource! tasteless jokes, snark and profanity.A quicksilver is an abrasive grain bonded to a flexible substrate using adhesives. For better or worse this is going to be the case in any profession,Get merchantaccount NFL jersey anywhere in the world. But this was extreme. There's a pretty broad spectrum, personality-wise,Operating Guides. For all DVS partymerchantaccount in PDF format. among the ranks, but the vast majority of pilots I work with are wholly respectful of their fellow crew members.

It may have been different in years past. I can imagine a time when the temperament of an obstinate, old-school captain would make for a certain tension between cockpit and cabin crew. But there is surprisingly little anti-gay sentiment on the modern flight deck.Basic information about replicawatches including links. Do fear of reprisal and powerful anti-harassment policies have anything to do with that? Possibly, for some people, but the end result is a successful one: It's a subject that doesn't come up.

Par oilpaintingsupplie le mercredi 29 juin 2011


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