Oil Painting Techniques from Artist Daily

Loveland, Colo.: Artist Daily has announced a new free eBook with eight oil painting

techniques to help all artists with their oil painting skills. Whether artists are looking

for a tutorial in oil painting for beginners or for a way to enhance their oil painting art,

the oil painting techniques offered in this free eBook are sure to help achieve beautiful

results.  In this free oil painting demo, David A. Leffel teaches oil painting artists to

respond to light and shadow, values, edges, color, space, and texture. David explains the

abstract qualities of a picture, rather than the identity of the subject matter or the

tedious formality of rendering. These free oil painting lessons will take artists through a

conceptual approach of fine art oil painting. Through detailed oil painting instructions,

artists will explore specific descriptions of how they should approach drawing and painting.

Artist Daily put together this virtual set of free oil painting lessons for all artists to

benefit from. All artists should download their free copy today.

Free Oil Painting Lessons
When setting up a still life, posing a model for portrait or figure composition, or viewing a

landscape, the artist has the definitive task of visualizing and assigning the various

elements of the subject matter. David A. Leffel likes to use analogies to writing or

composing music in his oil painting demo: "The decision about how many characters a story

needs and what kinds of personalities those individuals should have is the same as deciding

on the colors, values, and textural changes in a painting."

Leffel also gives oil painting artists advice on how to approach their initial drawings.

Bringing attention back to the concepts celebrated in the work of such masters as Van Dyke,

Rembrandt, and Velazquez, oil painting artist Leffel explains that oil art needs to be the

product of a mind that is seeing, tasting, exploring the entire fabric of life. "Most people

begin oil art by trying to match the reality of what is in front of them," Leffel explains.

"The closer they come to achieving that match, the more they believe they have accomplished

something. But in truth, they have only copied what is outside of them. That kind of external

process doesn't lead to a fulfilling conclusion."

In this oil painting demo, artists will learn the reasoning behind color choices and brush

techniques for the convincing oil painting masterpiece. All artists should not pass-up this

opportunity to have an acclaimed oil painting artist give them expert advice on all aspects

of oil painting.
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