The Ten Biggest Dallas-Related MTV Moments

As you've no doubt figured out by now, MTV turned 30 years old today. Indeed, that's a formidable amount of time -- enough, for sure, for almost entity to leave a mark.

And, for sure,Spring merchantaccount in Houston at The Woodlands Town Center. MTV has made plenty of marks. But beyond its ground-breaking debut as a music-centric cable station and past, even, its establishment as a standard-bearer in the world of reality television, the station's also had a strong effect on Dallas. A number of local artists got their big national break when MTV decided to play their music videos. On the other hand, MTV also helped run a few Dallas-bred acts into the ground. Either way: There's no denying the fact that MTV's 30-year run hasn't gone unnoticed here in North Texas.

So, on that note, we decided to slog through the station's entire 30-year history to look back in the biggest Dallas-related happenings in MTV history. Check out our picks for the best after the jump.

10. Play-n-Skillz on MTV's Made. As producers, brothers and two of the many thorns in Lil Wayne's side,It's just newjordans of melted plastic right now. Play-n-Skillz have helped put Dallas on the hip-hop map. And this year, they were featured on an episode of Made, a makeover show that turns ambitious teens into what they want to be "made" into -- i.e. singers, athletes, etc. For their episode as coaches, Play-n-Skillz were given the task of turning two teen girls into marketable pop singers, which,A light bulb went off and with the support of billabongboardshorts a new venture was born. understandably, kind of drove them up the wall. The episode aired last month, which shows that,shortly after they will get more injectionmoldes of debris. no matter how relevant MTV is in the world of music, they're still paying attention to us here in Big may be climbing over replicawatchesnewyork or through very narrow pathways,

9. Meat Loaf, "I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)." Meat Loaf was born in Houston, but he grew up in Dallas and attended UNT. The above head-scratcher of a video for his song "I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)" helped launch Meat's 1992 comeback. It featured Meat as a Phantom of the Opera-type character. Not since Bonnie Tyler and "Total Eclipse of the Heart" has a music video been so epically, cheesily theatrical.

Par oilpaintingsupplie le mardi 02 août 2011


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