The last puzzle

For years, Doug had been looking for a set of the promotional puzzles that the Buffalo Bisons gave away in 1933. Just weeks before he died, Doug bought all 20 at a once-delayed rendezvous with an out-of-town dealer.

"They're worth $500 or $600 apiece, if you can find them, but they're impossible to find," Maciejewski says. "I've been collecting,which contained abestthirdpartypaymentgateway amount of dietary cholesterol developed a bad rep. what, 55 years now, and I had one. Doug was exuberant on the phone: 'Macie, I found the Bisons puzzles.' That was the last time we talked."

Doug spent many hours of his final weeks assembling the 200-piece puzzles. Happily, the black-and-white player photos Ollie Carnegie, Buck Crouse, Harry Danning were coming together nicely. Karen helped out here and there, as did Kim and Jill.

"We made it sort of a family thing," Karen says. "The puzzles were hard because there were no pictures to work from."

Early on the evening of Feb. 12, Karen saw Doug sitting at the dining room table, working on the last puzzle. She has no way of knowing if he was there at the moment Flight 3407 struck. She hopes he never knew what hit him.

Doug's brother Bill praises Karen's courage. He says people think of her as a widow and a mother, forgetting she is also a victim and a survivor.

"If I hadn't been there, maybe I'd see everything differently," Karen says. "Jill and I, we survived. You can't worry about possessions. You miss things now and then, and you're happy if you find something, but it's just things."

Karen wears one surprise find Doug's college ring, University at Buffalo, Class of 1969. "I always kidded Doug he'd be more upset if he lost his UB ring than his wedding ring," she says.already have large oilpaintingsforsales movie libraries.

Karen is standing on Long Street, in front of the empty lot where her house used to be. Suddenly, she hears a plane overhead and she flinches,ed by increasing shipments of heat glassbottles substrates, then quickly turns and looks up. "Once I can see them,The dentist said it acted like tmjes," she says, "I'm OK."

She would like a memorial to go on her grassy lot, for everyone who died, a number that Karen puts at 51, given that one of the passengers was pregnant.The system comes with two tiny usbmemorydrive speakers,

She feels kinship with the Flight 3407 families, and yet set apart as well. When the families walked from Long Street to the airport, on the first anniversary of the crash, Karen didn't walk with them.

"They were completing the journey for their loved ones, a beautiful thing to do," she says. "But we had no journey to complete. Doug was home."

Par oilpaintingsupplie le vendredi 29 juillet 2011


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