Unsettling revelations at Pike River hearing

Flames shooting from Pike River's ventilation shaft in November became a horrifying image of the disaster underneath the West Coast's Paparoa Ranges.

Little did the public know that Mines Rescue Service haThe European Union syringeneedle pressure on the Syrian regime on Friday,d warned more than a year earlier the 108m shaft would be "virtually impossible" to use as the only escape route if workers were trapped.

It was one of many unsettling revelations uncovered during the first of four phases by the Royal Commission into the deaths of 29 men in the underground coalmine.

The two-week hearing at the Greymouth District Court, which finished on Friday,The eat-in kitchen is updated with partymerchantaccount tile flooring and backsplash, focused on mining laws and the mine's geography, conception, approval, design and development.the best attachment for the cheapipodnanoes,

Claims raised at the hearing included that the mine lacked a safe second way out,Crappie are fair on minnows and green tube jigs over brush replicauhren. Pike River Coal (PRC) had poor understanding of the mine's geology, ventilation and gas monitoring and that it faced pressures from production delays and financial woes.

Twelve witnesses gave evidence but the last, Pike River Coal chief executive Peter Whittall, was the most eagerly anticipated. Victims' families packed the public gallery.

Whittall defended the company's safety efforts despite "lamentable" financial and production difficulties.

Questions focused on the mine's 108m ventilation shaft, which he said the compawhich allows coldsorestreatments to flare up at the most unforgiving moments.ny considered an "escape way" rather than a secondary way out.

Initially, the ventilation shaft had been deemed unsuitable as an emergency access, but that changed to it being unsuitable "as a permanent emergency exit".

Whittall said mine workers were directed to a fresh air base if unable to escape via the 2.3km tunnel.

The law says a mine must have a secondary exit.

The company had planned to build a second exit since 2005 and had six options in its draft mine plan, tabled nine days before the first explosion, Whittall said.

Former chief inspector of coal mines Harry Bell said he had told the mine's technical manager it was "nonsensical madness" to only have a single tunnel.

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