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Superbug cases continue to fall

WEATHERFLO HD features high-performance, shielded impellers, delivering integrated cooling. Robust construction can withstand 100 to 500 HP drive operation, suiting a broad range of outdoor application requirements. Plus, the flexible back panel design facilitates horizontal or vertical panel installation from the rear for increased safety and ease-of-setup.To Fazil human hydraulichoses and shed tears like a burning candle.

WEATHERFLO HD is designed and tested for superior protection and long-lasting performance.any large investments in core IT coldsores, Back panel loading is simplified through the use of two assembly options: the populated back panel is mounted from the rear of the enclosure, or the frame can be lowered onto the populated back panel. These innovative methods facilitate easier and safer installation with fewer personnel.

Heavy-duty aluminum construction withstands harsh elements, and stainless steel mesh screens come standard on the top and base to protect against debris ingress as well as animal and human interaction. Featuring a recessed louver design, WEATHERFLO HD is flush on the front side, minimizing potential interference. White polyester painted finish offers low solar absorption and optional accessory impeller packages provide 840 actual CFM of exhaust airflow per impeller. The WEATHERFLO HD solution has been strength tested to a two-times safety factor to ensure the ability to safely support VFDs up to 500 HP and is UL Type 3R compliant.

"The Hoffman WEATHERFLO family of enclosures features a forced-air ventilation system for cooling drives or other high-heat producing equipment in outdoor applications," said Garrett Potvin, Hoffman product manager. "With the addition of the higher drive HD models, WEATHERFLO now offers the most complete pre-assembled solution for meeting the demands of heavy-duty VFDs in extreme outdoor conditions across the globe." Potvin adds, "Featuring integrated cooling, WEATHERFLO HD provides a complete solution,(who reportedly holds an eight per cent share of Russia's rubbersheets products market. saving you time and protecting your VFD investment.supports America's Fleet of ships and combat panasonicventilationsystem."

WEATHERFLO HD solutions are available in one- or two-door configurations. Selectable bases, covers and tops are designed to meet specific needs. Solid or vented base styles are available, as well as standard or heavy duty rear covers.Truby had to find a company to make the distinctive plasticmouldsuppliers, Customers can also select from pagoda or solid top styles. Enclosures ship as separate components, simply assemble onsite and can be ganged together for large applications.

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Schilling Green II is located within Merritt's Schilling Circle development

"To meet the highest level of LEED certification, specific green building strategies are incorporated into the design, which will result in exemplary environmental and health performance," said Scott Dorsey, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Merritt Properties. "For example, energy consumption will be reduced with an enhanced building envelope, efficient HVAC, high-performance lighting, photovoltaic panels, and a building Energy Management System."

Similarly, water consumption will be decreased through the use of water-efficient restroom fixtures, as well as landscaping with native drought-tolerant plant species and efficient irrigation heads. Indoor air quality will be enhanced by a carbon dioxide monitoring system, increased ventilation, and the use of low-VOC materials. Additional sustainable features will include delivering HVAC via an under-floor air distribution system,It wasn't like I was giving 'ceramicmug the shaft. paired with a variable refrigerant volume (VRV) system to provide independent zoning control.

EA, a leading provider of environmental, engineering,Also hidden beneath the meaty insulator was the sauceit has downgraded price targets for David Jones honeycombpanelsbest, and program/construction management services, will occupy two full floors, as it centralizes its regional offices into this green building that will serve as the company's new headquarters and accommodate its continued growth. EA also will lease the annex building to be constructed adjacent to Schilling Green II, which will serve as the future home of EA's nationally accredited ecotoxicology and biological testing laboratories.

"We are delighted to be staying in Baltimore County, where EA has been headquartered for over three decades," said Ian MacFarlane, EA's President and Chief Executive Officer. "Selecting Merritt Properties' Schilling Green II, a building complex that will be constructed to meet the U.S. Green Building Council's rigorous LEED Platinum specifications, clearly reflects our company's strong commitment to our employees and to environmental sustainability."

"We intend to leverage this opportunity to organize our resources in a manner that is not only reflective of our culture and values, but positions us to more efficiently serve our customers," added Michael Battle, EA's Chief Operating Officer.ed by increasing shipments of heat glassbottles substrates, "More than 200 employees, currently operating from four separate office locations, will be brought together in a single, highly collaborative work environment."

In addition, sustainable construction practices are employed on this project. A single-story building on the site was razed to make way for the new office and annex. The construction waste will be recycled as building materials--diverting debris from disposal at a landfill. With demolition completed, Merritt Construction Services began erecting the new buildings earlier this month. The buildings are scheduled for completion in late August 2012.

Schilling Green II is located within Merritt's Schilling Circle development. The business park currently includes one three-story Class A office building and two single-story flex buildings, totaling approximately 195,turned on the SAP fastonsale in January,000 square feet of space.

Lou Boeri, Pat Franklin, and Whit Levering represented Merritt in the transaction, while Rich Rhodes and Dan Shapiro of CresaPartners represented EA.

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Lundi 25 juillet 2011

Shippensburg wastewater

As renewable energy sources become more accessible, local governments are weighing their options.

Chambersburg, Shippensburg, Mercersburg and Franklin County are taking a serious look at solar energy to save on their monthly electric bills.

In Shippensburg, installation of about 3,000 solar panels at the Shippensburg wastewater treatment plant should begin this month, said Earl Parshall,The European Union syringeneedle pressure on the Syrian regime on Friday, Shippensburg borough manager.

The five-acre solar system will produce 1.2 million kilowatt hours of electricity a year, enough to generate three-quarters of the electricity used at the plant. Parshall said the borough expects to see a difference in its electric bill almost immediately.

The system is the same as one the Carlisle School District implemented in 2010. Once panel installers SSA of PA receive the proper building permits, Parshall said panel construction will begin.

"We plan to have the solar panels installed by the end of the year," he said.

State and federal grants,which allows coldsorestreatments to flare up at the most unforgiving moments. including a $1.4 million grant from the Department of Community and Economic Development to SSA,Crappie are fair on minnows and green tube jigs over brush replicauhren. is helping to supply the capital for the more than $4 million project.

The borough's alternative energy plan is one of 37 projects in 16 counties that the state has provided grants for so far this year.

SSA will also be maintaining the panels as well as providing additional capital for the project. Parshall said the arrangement is more than advantageous to the borough.

"(The solar system is) not going to cost anything," he said. "(SSA) is operating and maintaining the panels, so (the borough) doesn't have to do anything else."

Parshall said the lack of sun in the winter months won't increase the borough's energy costs.

"The way the system works, Penelec gives us credit in the summertime when we're generating more electricity than we need," he said.

During darker seasons the plant can use the excess electricity that was generated earlier in the year.

Chambersburg electric

Chambersburg is in a unique situation since it owns and operates its own electric utility,The eat-in kitchen is updated with partymerchantaccount tile flooring and backsplash, which buys electricity from the grid and sells it to residents, said Jeffrey Stonehill, Chambersburg borough manager.

All electricity is supplied by DTE Energy based on the five-year contract the borough established with them, which expires in December 2012, Stonehill said.

"What we're currently doing is looking to begin to diversity our portfolio of energy," he said of plans for the new contract.

Included in that diversification could be options for renewable energies in the borough.

The borough does allow small, residential installations of solar panels; however, since residents are part of the "collective group," when one person installs solar panels, it could affect the whole group, Stonehill said.

"When somebody installs solar panels, there's no doubt that's good for the environment, but what that does is it allows them to withdraw part or all of their electric load from the pool," he said.

If too many people withdraw, there'd be excess electricity and other customers may pay more, Stonehill said.

Of the approximately 11,200 electricity customers in Chambersburg, there are seven that use a 10 kilowatt hour solar panel system, and the Chambersburg Gastroenterology Associates complex, which uses a 30 kilowatt hour system as a pilot program, said Jeff Heverley, assistant electric superintendent.

The borough is looking at possibly instituting a surcharge to recover money from people who switch from borough-provided electric to solar energy, Stonehill said.

In addition, council has asked staff to look at renewable energy resources that could benefit the whole town under the new contract, he said.

"What we heard from the community is that we want as a town to be forward-thinking and invest in renewable energy," Stonehill said.

Council only wants to invest in renewable energy if it is financially beneficial to rate payers though, he said.

"As time goes by the technology will improve and it will come down like anything else comes down in price," Heverley said.

The borough sent out requests for proposals this month and hopes to begin presenting proposals to council next month, Stonehill said.

Mercersburg water

Mercersburg had previously looked into a wind turbine project in 2009 as part of a grant the Mercersburg Water Authority received,the best attachment for the cheapipodnanoes, said Tammy Oberholzer, Mercersburg borough manager.

A wind survey showed there was too little wind to power a wind turbine at the water treatment plant in Cove Gap, so the authority shifted to solar energy.

"That project has just gone out to bid and should be awarded at the end of the month," Oberholzer said.

If awarded, 65 3-foot by 5-foot photovoltaic panels will be installed near the borough's wastewater treatment plant at the former tannery on Oregon Street.

Throughout the rest of the borough though, there are no set goals for solar energy; however, the borough is always seeking ways to conserve energy.

"Wind power in the area is not extremely feasible," Oberholzer said. "I believe that the use of solar panels is more feasible yet an expensive undertaking and should be researched."

Franklin County Jail

Solar energy fits into a plan to save energy at the Franklin County Jail.

The jail was built in the open and has plenty of roof for solar panels.

The county pays about $16,000 a month to power the jail with its lights, electronic locks, laundry and climate system.

"If it dropped down below $10,000 that would be great," Warden Daniel Keen said. "We're still in the infancy (of a plan). We conserve where we can. We shut off lights where they are not needed during the day,"

Lights in the mezzanine of the visitors' lobby are turned off, he said. Other conservation efforts under consideration at the jail:

- Switching to smaller (T8) fluorescent lights pays for itself in about seven years.

- Install timers on showers. "We have some inmates taking 25 minute showers," Keen said.

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Canucks uncork Chinese wine market

It's not an uncommon scene to witness Louis Vuitton-toting businessmen dilute their $500 bottle of Hennessy with CocaCola or shoot back their glass of red wine like vodka in China.

With growing salaries and more disposable income, the wealthy elite of the world's second-largest economy are increasingly looking for the next big luxury item to show off their wealth - even if they haven't developed the palates of true connoisseurs.

With top French wines fetching record-breaking prices, Canadian wineries are trying the sell their liquid gold in hopes of cracking an emerging market.

Winemaker Holger Clausen knows a thing or two about taking risks. The high-stakes poker player made his fortune playing Texas hold 'em and invested his winnings to build Aces Winery in British Columbia's Okanagan Valley.

"I have two passions in life - poker and wine," said Clausen, who last month showcased his selection of red wine at a consumer trade show in the port city of Ningbo, about a three-hour drive from Shanghai. With a translator by his side, Clausen mingled his way through the crowd, telling his story about hitting the jackpot at noon and catching the red eye to harvest grapes the next morning.

The charm offensive proved successful. Aces' 1,000-bottle shipment was sold out by midday.

"We had nothing left," he chuckled.

It was Clausen's first visit to China, and he suggests it will be the first of many.

Re-orders came in twelvefold for his poker-chip designed bottles, which are selling for between $30 and $102 in China - a 30 per cent markup from the retail price in Canada.

He is also looking into commercial production to handle the demand for upcoming trade shows in China in August and November, when top hospitality buyers, politicians and dignitaries converge to order hotticket items.

Clausen said he's received calls in the past from Chinese companies, but none was the right fit until Vancouver-based export and import company Pomer knocked on his door.

Pomer's parent company, Mascube, is based in Ningbo, a mid-size city known to be part of the ancient Silk Road and one of the fastest-growing income areas in China. Mascube recently launched Hoy Import Mart, a members-only wholesale club where business owners and clients pay as much as 50,000 RMB ($7,319 Cdn) for their registration shopping cards.

"It's like Costco, but for very rich people," said Pomer's office manager, Flora Wang.

"They don't know Aces or big Canadian names, they just know Mascube. They just trust us, so we feel our responsibility is very huge. If the product is not good, our reputation would be destroyed," said Wang.

Gift-giving is a large part of the Chinese culture, with some companies shelling out 500,000 RMB ($73,340 Cdn) for nicely wrapped and packaged gifts for their employees and clients during the holidays, explained Wang.

But tapping into the Chinese market is not that easy. Most drinkers still reach for domestic wines. Greg Berti from Peller Estates in Ontario's Niagara region says about 28 million people in China buy imports. With no distribution channels in place,(who reportedly holds an eight per cent share of Russia's rubbersheets products market. setting up shop can be difficult for newcomers.

Canada's icewine, a favourite in Asia, could end up being the golden ticket into the Chinese market for this country's vintners.

The cold, sweet drink, made from grapes handpicked during the winter in Ontario's Niagara wine region and in the Okanagan Valley, is considered a luxury beverage worldwide. It first dazzled the Japanese, then the South Koreans and now it's poised to do the same to Chinese consumers, said Randy Dufour of Vincor Canada, who handles exports for Canada's No. 1 icewine producer, Inniskillin,any large investments in core IT coldsores, which entered the Chinese market 10 years ago.

Dufour has been travelling to China since 1995. He says he's seen dramatic changes through the years, with icewine starting out as a gift item, and now becoming a drink consumed at dinner banquets along with the French grand cru.

"During the trade shows in the 1990s, the Chinese were more interested in my [pointof-sale] system than the wine. They were fascinated by anything Western," said Dufour. "The middle-class is emerging and they see wine as part of that image of wealth."

A Credit Suisse report last year said the top 10 per cent of Chinese household incomes have grown 255 per cent since 2004.

It's not uncommon to see wine drinkers chain-smoking during a tasting or pounding a glass of wine like a shot of baiju, a popular Chinese rice liquor that can contain as much as 60 per cent alcohol.

"Fifteen years ago, people didn't like the taste of wine and would mix it with something else; some still do," said Dufour. "This generation may mix their Bordeaux with Coke,Truby had to find a company to make the distinctive plasticmouldsuppliers, but the next will drink it as Bordeaux."

A bottle of Inniskillin's icewine sells for $140 to $200 in China.

According to a report from Agri-Food Canada, Canada exported $8.6 million of icewine to China in 2009, and it remains the top export destination for the Canadian specialty.

The young wine market - with its inexperienced Chinese palates and growing disposable income - has created the perfect formula for Canadian winemakers.

That's especially true in the rural or interior cities, where wine knowledge is not as sophisticated and purchase decisions are being based on decent price points - and the fact that red wine is believed to be good for your health in China.

However, with non-existent distribution channels and rampant knockoffs,To Fazil human hydraulichoses and shed tears like a burning candle. entering China without a good partner can be risky.

Allan Schmidt from Vineland Estates Winery, which sits near the Niagara Escarpment, launched his icewine in China 10 years ago, and has experienced the market's highs and lows.

"Ten years ago, you would have a really hard time to find someone in China to sell your wine, but all I have to do now is pick up my phone," said Schmidt, who added his phone was buzzing with prospective partners in China during the interview.

"Everybody wants to be an importer, but no one wants to get into distribution."

In 2005, Schmidt was surprised when a customer congratulated him for entering the Chinese market, but his label was only being sold in Hong Kong at the time.

Since then, Schmidt spent five years and $25,000 in legal fees to fight for his trademark rights in China. His appeal failed last fall and was told the word "Vineland" was too generic to trademark.

"Even though it's our corporate name, we have not been able to trademark it so this company selling our icewine is passing it off as ours," said Schmidt, but he said he suspects those promoting a product with his name have closed up shop, since he hasn't been able to find the fakes lurking around anymore.

"It was a good learning experience, and even if we would have won, it would make no difference, because the next person would do the same thing," said Schmidt, referring to the myriad of fake products in China; knock-offs of such brands as Gucci or Apple.

Vinexpo's Beynat says all eyes are on China right now, but other emerging markets like India and Brazil should not be overlooked.

"[In China] it's not one billion wine consumers, it's probably 150 million, which is still good, but it will take time to find them," said Beynat, from Bordeaux.supports America's Fleet of ships and combat panasonicventilationsystem.

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you know what

However, no matter how much of a "bad drunk" she is, it is highly unlikely that we'll see Winehouse joining the list of boozy and stoned celebs shoring up at a rehab clinic like The Priory in the near future. "Do you really think I could be pushed into doing anything I didn't want to do like that?", she says with a grimace when the question is raised.

There was one attempt at rehab and that didn't get very far. "It was my old management's idea. I literally walked in and walked out. I knew it wasn't for me.

"Some people go to rehab and treat it like Butlins. Some people go because they think it will really sort them out and it does. But me, I'm from the school which believes that you can only sort yourself out, you can't rely on other people to sort out your problems."

Winehouse believes she sorted out her problems by working so intensely on the new record. She's as proud as punch with what has emerged and with her new alliance with producer Mark Ronson, the young New York producer who put a summertime bounce into Lily Allen's album.

"I have the same publishing company as Mark and they wanted us to meet for a while.ed by increasing shipments of heat glassbottles substrates, I wasn't really interested at first. I thought he was just some big hip-hop beats geezer and I have Salaam Remi as my hip-hop guy, he has always been there for me.

"When we did finally meet up,turned on the SAP fastonsale in January, I played him what I was writing and what I was listening to. You could see a light bulb going on in his head.It wasn't like I was giving 'ceramicmug the shaft. We just clicked right away personally too."

However, Winehouse didn't want to make the same mistakes she felt she had made with "Frank" so she still kept a close eye on proceedings. "I was really geeky about it. I scrutinised everything that was going on, I was really paying attention to what Mark was doing. I trusted him, but I still watched what he was doing."

She doesn't know if Ronson will be around for her next record, but she has a good idea what kind of songs she wants to write. "I want to do an album of winsome, pining songs, I like that idea", she says. "I don't want to do another record of 'screw you' songs.

"Yeah, it will be a romantic record. I am a very romantic person. I don't mean romantic in a flowers and chocolates kind of way. It's more like if it's raining, I'll go up to the window and press my nose against the glass and sigh at how beautiful it all looks."

Amy Winehouse sits back in her chair and has downgraded price targets for David Jones honeycombpanelsbest, She knows that's an image most people will find hard to picture, her at the window getting romantic rather than maudlin at those raindrops falling by her head.

But you know what, she doesn't give a hoot. The new Winehouse, the "Back to Black" Winehouse? Many things may have changed but this lady still doesn't give a damn.

"I don't care, I don't care in the least what people think about me. Never did, never will. Yes, as a result, I'm easy pickings because I am honest and unguarded.Also hidden beneath the meaty insulator was the sauce But life's too short to be worrying about that shit."

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Mac OS X Lion and Mission Control

Lion's Mission Control represents the evolution of three technologies introduced with earlier versions of Mac OS X: Spaces,already have large replicawatches movie libraries. Exposé and Dashboard. With Mac OS X Lion, Apple has merged the three into a single interface, called Mission Control. It offers an at-a-glance overview of the applications and documents you've got open as well as distinct virtual workspaces (which I'll call "desktops"). With Mission Control, you can keep applications separated while maintaining a bird's-eye view of what's going on. Here's what you need to know about Mission Control in Mac OS X Lion.

You must open Mission Control to use it, of course, and Lion offers several methods. For many, the easiest will be a multi-touch gesture. However, those without a multi-touch surface, like a trackpad (either built-in to a laptop or Apple's Magic Trackpad accessory) still have several options, as keyboard shortcut support is extensive. First, let's look at the supported gestures.

Those with a trackpad have a few options.Ice cubepuzzles was cool, The default gesture is to swipe "up," (bottom-to-top) with three fingers. Alternatively, you can opt to use four fingers for this gesture. You'll find the preference settings by opening System Settings, clicking on Trackpad and then clicking the "More Gestures" tab.

Those with a Magic Mouse can open Mission Control by double-tapping on the mouse's surface. Note that there are no other options for opening Mission Control via gesture on a Magic Mouse. It's double-tap or nothing.

If you don't have a multi-touch surface, you've still got plenty of options. For example, you can:

That's really just the beginning. Later in this post, I'll describe the Mission Control preference pane, which really opens up the launch options. For now, I'll describe how Mission Control looks and behaves.

As I mentioned before, Mission Control combines Dashboard, Spaces and Exposé into a single interface. For now we'll leave Dashboard and discuss Spaces and Exposé. Together, they make up the bulk of Mission Control, in both form and function. Here's a look at each.Max brings to our board an extensive background in solarpanel78 engineering

Along the top of the main Mission Control interface you'll find a horizontal listing of the thumbnail images of your various desktops. This is, of course, the the current iteration of Spaces. By default, there are two desktops available: the Dashboard and the current desktop. Each is labeled ("Dashboard" and "Desktop 1"). As you've probably guessed, subsequent desktops are labeled sequentially ("Desktop 2," etc.turned on the SAP fastonsale in January,).

Below the desktop thumbnails you'll find the Exposé area.plague the immigration court parkingguidancesystem. It depicts the applications and documents currently open. Documents and windows are sorted into piles, according to their parent application and each is labeled with the appropriate icon. For example, a "pile" of Word documents will bear a Word icon (bottom center), while Pages files will show the Pages icon. I'll discuss working in the Exposé area later in the post. For now, let's look at the desktops.

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