Jeudi 03 mars 2011

New art store opens

Kirksville's newest business, Dave's Studio, provides an opportunity for veteran

painters to save money and inspiration for budding artists.

Owner Dave Carter, a lifelong artist, said he and his wife Sally set up shop in

downtown Kirksville two weeks ago as a way to make a living in the art business. They

also offer the city something it doesn't have –– a convenient way to buy art


"This shop really came out of necessity," Carter said. "We've always thought

Kirksville needed something like this. There are no supplies, or not a very good

selection of supplies, in the area."

Carter said he started his business because artists in Kirksville, including Truman

students, had to settle for whatever Truman State University Bookstore had to offer.

It was an expensive way to purchase supplies, with a limited selection, Carter said.

What students couldn't find there, they had to order online or drive as far as

Columbia to find.

Junior painting major Megan Moore said she knows firsthand how difficult it is to find

supplies. This semester she spent up to $250 on painting supplies.  Moore said Dave's

Studio could offer an alternative.

"Now that [the] store's there I probably will get a lot of my stuff there, especially

for painting because it's based towards painting and drawing," she said.

The prices at Dave's Studio are approximately the same as Truman State University

Bookstore and Dave's Studio has many items artists can't get in Kirksville like

easels, oil paints and certain paint colors.

Moore said the store also offered to order supplies she needed for class that she

couldn't find locally.

"I would recommend going and looking because I went in and found a lot of cool stuff,"

Moore said. "And actually his prices are pretty good. I actually wish that I hadn't

looked in the bookstore last week."

Judy Neuwig, director of the Kirksville Arts Association, said Truman students aren't

the only ones excited about an art supply store in Kirksville. She said the local art

community already is excited about the prospect of a new art shop.

"He's a business man, he's also the artist, so he knows what the needs are," she said.

"He knows what he can offer the community. He knows, maybe, what the community wants

and that will evolve over time."

Dave's Studio also offers art classes. The classes range from an introductory course

to learn basic art skills to more focused classes in painting or drawing. Carter said

he wants to make the classes fun for all age groups.

"I'm not a very hard task master," Carter said. "I work with children a lot –– we

have a lot in common. We love to eat, we have the same silly sense of humor. I like to

bring that to the adult classes, too."

Carter's shop also will sell some of his paintings and offer commercial work, like

signs and posters, which Carter said will be his largest source of revenue.

Llano Fine Arts Guild presents Artist of the Month

Llano Fine Arts Guild is pleased to have Jean Hensley as our artist for the March 7th,

2011 "hands on" program. Jean is a member of several art guilds and is currently

president of the Mid-West Texas Artist's Guild of Ballinger. She is also a member of

the Creative Arts Club in Abilene, and teaches a weekly painting class at the Do-Art

Studio in Ballinger, Texas. Jean has won many awards and is generous with her

knowledge, makes learning a fun and easy experience.

This program is a mix media "hands on" called Grayscale Painting. Dollface is a small

oil painting with an acrylic underpainting. Please bring your usual oil painting

supplies, otherwise we will share supplies. All supplies will be provided, but if you

could bring your favorite brushes (some old for using with the acrylic) and some paper

towels. After applying the "grayscale", several designs will be available for the

"doll painting". We will share grafite paper/very soft lead pencil to transfer these

designs. Jean will have several paintings in the process for us to view.

The demo starts at 10 am, Monday March 7th, 2011 at the Llano Fine Arts Gallery. LFAG

is located at 503 Bessemer , next to Chrissy's Bakery. At noon we will serve a potluck

lunch and following at 1pm will be our regular month membership meeting. Come to

learn, stay for the food and fellowship and fun. The public is invited. Your $5

donation covers the demo and the potluck lunch. We look forward to seeing all of you.

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